- Stone finish Counter Top Resurfacing/ Bathroom Vanity

-Bathtub, sink and shower surround (tile or fiberglass) resurfacing (Color Change available)

-Tile resurfacing, any color yo desire.

-Interior wall painting, traditional or sprayed on multi color.

-Chip repair, any solid surface (tub, sink, counter top)


We strive to exceed our customer's expectations. Go from worn out, retro to wow, with less cost than you thought possible. Surface Upgrades can do it in less time, cost and with a lot less disruption of your life. Chips and burns are made memories in no time. 

We will work with you to 

upgrade your home whether it be 1 surface or entire rooms.

Have the look you desire today, 

increase the value of your home without the inconvenience and costs of traditional remodel.

Our costs are up to 80% less than conventional renovation.


Keep the money in your home



We all want a home we can be proud of, to entertain and make our home life enjoyable, but sometimes conventional renovation costs are just not in the budget. Upgrade today for a fraction of conventional renovation, save time and money! 



Kitchen and bathroom upgrades,  as well as traditional tile installation.